Ultimate Guide to Pet Financing: Loans for Bad Credit

Ultimate Guide to Pet Financing: Loans for Bad Credit

Did you know that millennials are the ones who adopt pets and invest the most in their well-being? It is revealed by various international studies, which show that the generation born between 1980 and 2000 is the most informed, investing, getting loans for vet bills, and committing to their pets.

The study “Pet Owner Paths,” commissioned by US organizations with global coverage, found that millennial owners of dogs and cats spend the most money on animal care and veterinary products. Pet owners are increasingly interested in how their dogs’ and cats’ bodies work and are aware of the best options for giving them a healthy life.

But how about the budget for covering all these expenses? Is pet financing a reasonable solution to pay for significant pet supplies? And if your credit score doesn’t allow you to get personal loans to finance an emergency surgery for your fur family member, read this article till the end to find reliable veterinary financing options.

Table of Contents

  1. What is a Pet Loan?
  2. Average Costs to Take Care for a Pet
  3. Reasons to Take Out a Pet Loan
  4. Pet Financing Companies to Consider
  5. Alternative Financing Options
  6. Veterinary Financing No Credit Check
  7. Pet Loans for Bad Credit: Requirements & Costs
  8. Tips to Reduce Pet Costs
  9. Veterinary Clinics Near Me
  10. How to Apply for a Pet Loan?
  11. The Bottom Line
  12. FAQ's

What is a Pet Loan?

pet financing

A pet loan is like a personal financial product that helps you pay for significant veterinary bills from a clinic or a pet store. When you borrow a vet loan, the lender sets a spending limit and fixed-term that makes you pay the loan on time.

The service provider can offer different repayment plans and loan amounts regarding your financial situation or pet’s health issues. If you qualify, the lending company will provide you with the best offer with almost instant credit approval.

Average Costs to Take Care for a Pet

The unconditional love that pets give us has a price. Caring for a dog or a cat is not cheap. Whoever wants a minor puppy spends at least $150 every month. And the cost is threefold for large dogs, especially if they need a special diet or treatment. But when it comes to the best fur friend, Americans don’t track their expenses.

Besides food, a dog or a cat needs hygiene and deworming products every month. It costs pet owners at least $200 a month to take care of a home animal. But don’t forget about accessories. The most spoiled quadrupeds also receive toys or rewards like delicious snacks. For large pets, people spend a minimum of 80 dollars per month.

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If serious health problems occur, you can get animal hospitalizations for several days and at least $250 per day. Some veterinary clinics can discount drugs and procedures, but your fur friend should meet the basic requirements.

The most expensive to maintain are large dogs participating in competitions. Owners could end up giving up to $200 per month only for food, not to mention medicines or vaccinations or going to exhibitions, grooming, etc.

pet financing with pet loans

Reasons to Take Out a Pet Loan

Surgery or effective treatments are two main reasons people take out a veterinary loan. Veterinarian loans are the best solution if a vet clinic can’t provide you with in-house financing for vet bills. Also, the lack of pet insurance, veterinary financing will help you manage significant bills.

Some lenders may allow you to access special zero-interest financing over a certain loan amount only if qualified. This option is a good alternative instead of a credit card on high interest.

Pet Financing Companies to Consider

Many specialized organizations provide pet financing and help their customers pay for medical bill financing. Some of them also finance animal purchases from pet sales. Here are three leading companies that offer financing for customers who can’t afford to cover the veterinary expense.

CareCredit (credit card)

CareCredit is a company that provides no deferred interest short-term financing for consumers who own pets. Also, there are no extra fees on purchases of $200 (minimum) for 6, 12, 18, or 24-month terms.

Customers will benefit from reduced APR if they choose long-term financing. Financial products of a minimum of $1,000 will have a 14.90% APR for a 24-month term. But if you consider a 36-months request, you’ll have 15.90% as APR. If you don’t pay on time, you’ll get up to a $40 late payment fee. But you’ll have to wait several days for credit approval.

Lending USA

This company offers financing regardless of the loan purpose. Consumers with pets can borrow from $1,000 to $12,000 with no specified repayment term. Lending USA also provides special financing; no interest during the promotional period (up to 6 months). The good news is that customers with all credit scores are welcome to apply. The origination fee ranges from 0.00% up to 8.00%. Don’t worry; the APR doesn’t exceed 29.99%.

United Consumer Financial Services

These services can lend you $1,000 to $7,500 with repayment terms from 12 to 36 months. There is no special financing, and they may require a down payment. At United Consumer Financial Services, there is a fixed interest with equal monthly payments and a prepayment penalty.

Alternative Financing Options

pay vet bills with bad credit loans

If you like to have more alternatives for pet financing, consider this list of other options available to you:

Veterinary Financing No Credit Check

After considering all the cat or dog financing options, it is time to take out no credit check pet loans. The definition of these loans doesn’t differ from a simple payday cash advance with no hard credit check. Lenders don’t run hard inquiries on the credit history of their customers.

A soft credit check doesn’t go through those three main credit bureaus (Transunion, Equifax, and Experian) but through alternative companies. The good news is that these checks don’t affect borrowers’ credit scores at all.

If you want to buy or adopt a puppy and search for “no credit check puppy financing near me”, consider shopping around also in other areas to find the best option for your budget.

Pet Loans for Bad Credit: Requirements & Costs

All animal owners know that you never spend too much on your pets because they are your family members. But what to do when you need extra $600 for medical treatments or other urgent expenses and have a low credit score? In this case, pet loans for poor credit backgrounds are the best aid you can get from specialized companies or simple direct lenders.

Customers who need puppy financing may get small cash advances, but they need to meet some requirements. These eligibility criteria are basic and easy to meet:

The animal owner must:

What about the costs for financing a dog or a cat, you’ll ask? The pet financing for low credit rating vary by lender and state, but the standard fees don’t exceed $30 for every $100 borrowed. To be entirely informed, feel free to drop us a line and get the information you need to receive a vet loan even with a low credit score.

Tips to Reduce Pet Costs

save your pet's health with dog financing

The first step in reducing pet costs is assessing your monthly budget. Every month save an extra $150 – $200 for animal emergencies like veterinary bills. This amount may also serve as a budget for buying drugs for parasites prevention.

The next step is identifying the cheapest but the best option for dry or wet food. Different food providers have different prices, and your mission is to find the best alternative for premium food. Don’t lose yourself among the variety of foods and try all of them with your animal.

Learn how to groom and how to take care of your pet. Some pet beauty salons are more expensive than human ones. So, consider grooming your pet at home with minimal expenses.

And the last thing is to hunt discounts on pet care products. Stores that sell shampoos, conditioners, or other care products have discounts cards for specific lines of products, so shop around and find the best option for your pet.

Veterinary Clinics Near Me

loans for vet bills

  1. Animal Medical Center, New York

    Here you’ll find more than 100 veterinarians that offer services across more than 22 specialties. They are available 24/7 and 365 days a year. AMC veterinarians treat fur customers with heart disease, cancer, respiratory disorders, neurological disorders, and other popular or unpopular diseases.

  2. Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital, New York

    More than 25 veterinarians and 35 technicians fight to prevent cruelty to animals. On their website, you’ll see that they take care of abandoned and special needs pets. If your fur friend needs medical, emergency, surgical services, consider Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital. On their website.

  3. Angell Animal Medical Center, Boston, Massachusetts

    AAMC has provided emergency and critical care, primary care, diagnostic imaging, palliative care, and other care services for more than a century. Many surgical technicians and veterinary specialists treat pets as humans regardless of their health situation.

  4. Prestige Animal Hospital, Fontana, California

    Prestige Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary clinic (including grooming and boarding) that improves pets’ lives by promoting animal wellness, human-animal bonds, and pain-relieving for a sick pet.

  5. Alta View Veterinary Clinic, Greenfield, Wisconsin

    AVVC is a full-service hospital that provides routine medical, surgical, or dental care. Here, animal owners can benefit from diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical, and radiology services, behavior counseling. Plus, flea and tick programs, ultrasound imaging, and others are available for pets.

How to Apply for a Pet Loan?

It depends on where you apply but remember: you can always make it online with a single company that connects you with thousands of direct lenders with competitive rates. ASAP Finance is the best company to help you pay for your pet bills. Here are the simple steps you should follow to apply for a veterinarian loan with us:

  1. Press the button “Apply Now” on the top of the Home Page.
  2. Complete the sections “Personal information,” “Contact & Employment,” and “Deposit Information.” (bank account information)
  3. Press “Submit Request.”
  4. Done!

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There is no obligation and no hidden annual fees for applying on our website. Don’t worry, and your information is safe with us. This simple online form and application process gives you reliable access to credit options and guarantees you an almost instant approval decision.

The Bottom Line

loan amount for pet financing

Psychologists say that a pet cannot replace a human being but it can teach you how to love unconditionally. Love for animals does not take into account the species. A pensioner adopted a goat born prematurely and abandoned by a shepherd. It helped him to survive loneliness.

So, investing in your pet is like investing in love and happiness. If you don’t have a pet, consider going to a pet store and adopting a fur family member to make your life more enjoyable.


  1. How to qualify for pet financing?
    If you need money for pet surgery financing, you must: be at least 18 years old, have a steady income (at least $1,000 per month), have an active bank account, prove that their pet needs treatment, or has urgent costs to be covered (medical receipt, veterinary bill, etc.), have a valid email and active cell phone number.
  2. Can I use personal loans for vet bills?
    Yes, borrowers can use personal loans for paying, for example, vet bills, adoption costs, pet surgery, or cancer treatments. But before applying for one, assess your budget to see the exact loan amount that should be paid for these expenses.
  3. How much can I borrow for a pet?
    It depends on the expenses you got from a veterinary clinic or a pet store, but typically direct lenders set the range from $100 up to $5,000 for pet loans. However, we recommend estimating the total loan amount you need to cover the veterinary expenses to avoid debts.
  4. How much interest and fees will I pay for veterinary loans?
    The interest rates and fees vary by lending organizations that operate in different states and offer financing for pets. But from our experience, you’ll be charged with no more $30 as a total cost of every $100 borrowed. Plus, the maximum APR won’t exceed 400%.
  5. Can I afford monthly payments?
    This question depends only on your monthly income. If it is lower than $1,000 a month, consider borrowing from family members and friends. But if your steady income allows you to get a financial product like this, discuss the payment plans of your cat or dog surgery with your lender and find the best payment option that won’t crush your monthly budget.
  6. Should I use a personal loan or a credit card for pet expenses?
    On the one hand, personal loans have fixed APRs and monthly payments. As a result, you always know how much you have to pay in a long-term repayment schedule. The bad news is that a personal loan has a higher APR for customers with a low credit rating.
    On the other hand, credit cards for pet finance have revolving balances, which means you’ll repay only what you spend plus a small interest rate. To find out about other factors to choose a personal loan or a credit card, speak with our financial experts.
  7. Can you get a dog on credit?
    Yes, you can finance a pet purchase, but this financial practice counts as a pet retail loan. It means that you’ll pay an interest rate to the pet store, not to the direct lender. We don’t recommend this practice because of its unsafety. The majority of pet stores don’t have the license to provide these financial products for future animal owners. Consider applying with licensed companies like ours to get trustful financial aid to finance a dog purchase.
  8. Do I need to have good credit to get a pet loan?
    You don’t need to have a perfect credit background to get a pet loan if you apply on our website. There are loan options for a 600 credit rating and lower. But remember that it is a little harder to qualify for a cheaper loan with bad credit. If you can’t afford such a loan, consider improving your credit history by taking small loans for pet care that should be paid on time.

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