Kathryn McCoach | Managing Editor & Expert Writer

Kathryn McCoach - Managing Editor & Expert Writer of ASAP Finance

Kathryn McCoach is the managing editor and expert writer at ASAP Finance. She has dedicated her career to guiding others to improve their financial literacy and get out of debt through educational and informative writing. Understanding finances do not come naturally to everyone, which is why Kathryn believes that giving people access to easy-to-understand guidance is key to improving their quality of life. She has spent more than 12 years guiding people to financial independence and security.

A Missouri native, she chose to pursue a career in finance. Kathryn received a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Kansas State University, learning to analyze how individuals and businesses make financial decisions while also gaining skills in accounting, economic management, and quantitative techniques to achieve a well-rounded background in finance.

She continued to earn a Master of Science in Finance from the University of Missouri-Kansas City, further developing her ability to analyze and oversee financial decision-making based on modeling, risk management, and business valuation. With over six years of education in finances in her pocket, Kathryn embarked on her career, determined to help people achieve their financial goals based on smart decision- making and calculated economic predictions.

Working Experience

Upon finishing her degrees, Kathryn began working as a Loan Officer at the Kansas City Credit Union, an institution dedicated to providing its members with a secure place to save money and get loans at reasonable rates. For five years, she established trusting, warm relationships with her customers, offering them expert guidance to make sound financial choices for themselves and their families.

In 2007, Kathryn became a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch in Leadwood, Kansas, where she continued to use her deep understanding of finances and human behavior regarding money to counsel her clients on how to invest, save, borrow, and grow wealth, building trust and helping them achieve financial security.

She continued in this role for nearly eleven years. During that time, she learned how to manage emotions surrounding tough financial decisions to guide people to be smarter and more logical with the ways they save, spend, and invest their money. Her area of expertise was in loan services and the lending industry, so she is especially adept at helping people manage debt and make wise choices when taking out or paying off loans.

Professional Goals within the ASAP Finance

Drawing on well over a decade of experience teaching people about managing their money and learning from her clients about common pitfalls and concerns, Kathryn’s goal is to reach a wider audience through her educational writing at ASAP Finance. She hopes to guide readers to financial independence by offering her insights gained from extensive experience in the lending industry.

Whether it’s about finding a low-interest loan product or improving bad credit, Kathryn’s educational background and years spent working with clients have equipped her to provide simple, clear financial advice to people in all situations and lifestyles. Kathryn looks forward to sharing her knowledge to help others achieve their financial goals.