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$400 Loan

There are many situations when you need money for an emergency, such as a forgotten utility bill, house or car repairs, or others. Having two weeks till the next paycheck adds worries and makes you think about borrowing money. If you don't have any family members willing to help you, consider getting a $400 loan with no credit check!

At ASAP Finance, we can help you get fast cash from a direct lender, even with a bad credit score. If you need a $400 loan now, all you need to do is to complete a loan request form online on our website. Pay your urgent expenses in no time and save your finances with a cash loan from ASAP Finance.

What Is a 400 Dollar Loan?

A 400 dollar loan is a short-term loan offered by payday lenders. People typically use it to overcome small emergencies and cash shortages. Its fast funding times as soon as the next business day makes it an almost ideal solution for urgent situations. Another feature of a $400 loan is that it must be repaid in one lump sum in 14 to 30 days, with the due date being tied to your next paycheck.

Unlike a loan from a bank or credit union, a 400 dollar loan comes with no minimum credit score requirements. This way, borrowers with bad, poor, or no credit also have a chance to get a cash advance they need. Additionally, this loan is usually not based on APR and comes with a flat fee you pay to a lender.

How to Get a $400 Loan Today?

You can get a $400 loan by applying online on our website. The process usually takes about 5 minutes. Then, we will share your form with our trusted lender network and send you an almost instant approval decision.

If approved, read and e-sign the loan agreement to make sure loan costs, terms, and conditions suit you. Once you accept an offer, the lender will make a direct deposit. If you apply before noon, you may be lucky and get your money on the same day. But generally, loans are provided on the next business day due to cut-off times.

Can You Apply for 400 Dollar Loans with a Poor or Bad Credit Score?

Yes, you can apply for 400 dollar loans with bad credit. Having a poor credit history isn't a reason for denial. Payday lenders provide such loans without performing hard credit checks. They just verify general information about your income and checking account. This check isn't displayed in your credit report. So, people with any credit score are welcome to get a $400 loan and pay their expenses right away.

Who Is Eligible for $400 Payday Loans?

There are a few eligibility criteria you need to meet to qualify for $400 payday loans:

  • Be 18 years old and a US citizen
  • Provide an email address and cell phone number
  • Have a steady workplace
  • Have an active bank account

When filling out the loan request form, be as accurate as possible by providing the needed information. Don't mislead the lenders. Then you'll be able to get a $400 loan faster.

$400 Loan No Credit Check

How Fast Can I Get a 400 Dollar Loan?

A direct lender usually transfers a $400 payday loan to your checking account as soon as the next business day. This is very fast compared to loans from traditional financial institutions.

Although direct lenders usually do their best to deposit money at their earliest convenience, they don't have much influence on the speed of the process. It mostly depends on how fast your payday loan verification will be completed, along with your bank’s cut-off times. However, you may get a same-day deposit of a 400 dollar payday loan if you manage to complete a loan request form early in the morning on a weekday.

How Much Does a 400 Dollar Loan Cost?

A $400 payday loan cost may vary from state to state. Commonly, many state laws set the general fees of $10-$30 for every $100. A typical two-week 400 dollar loan with a $15 per $100 fee has an annual percentage rate (APR) of almost 400%. In comparison, APRs on credit cards can range from about 12 percent to about 30 percent. But payday loans are based on a one-time fee, not APR. So, read loan terms and conditions attentively.

What Should I Know Before Requesting a Payday Loan?

Before applying for a 400 dollar payday loan, consider some alternative options. Try to ask your family members or friends to lend you the amount you need. If borrowing money from direct payday loan lenders is your only option, make sure you estimate all risks.

Small dollar payday loans are quite expensive. That is why you should use them wisely. It’s not recommended to use payday cash advances as a long-term financial solution due to their short repayment terms.

Why Choose ASAP Finance?

ASAP Finance takes care of each client and offers multiple advantages to make your lending experience fast and pleasant. The loan products of our providers were created to help people receive emergency cash as quickly as they need it and when they need it most. Unlike traditional financial institutions, we provide instant assistance for people with any credit scores. You are welcome to apply online 24/7 and get fast cash within a working day wherever you are.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Get a 400 Dollar Payday Loan with No Credit Check?

Payday lenders commonly offer loans with soft credit checks. It means that they don't check your data through major credit reporting bureaus. These checks don't hurt your credit score. That is why people call them “no credit check.” However, payday loan lenders still need to analyze your payment history through alternative means to make a loan decision.


Is It Possible to Get Approved for a $400 Loan with Poor Credit?

Yes, it is. Direct lenders are typically not focused on your credit history and make loan decisions based on borrowers incomes. Thus, you can get a $400 loan with any credit type until you have a stable source of recent and upcoming income.


How to Repay a $400 Payday Loan?

This is an automatic process. Lenders usually withdraw money directly from your checking account on the due date. Just make sure you have enough funds in it to repay a loan cost.


What Is a Payday Loan Alternative for Bad Credit?

You may consider auto title loans if you have a car to use as collateral. They offer lower interest rates and flexible terms but come with the risk of losing your vehicle in case of defaults. There are also installment loans for bad credit that don't require any pledge but are more expensive. Alternatively, you can consider P2P financing or borrow the money from family members or friends.


What Are the Benefits of a $400 Payday Loan?

As a consumer, you have many benefits when taking a $400 payday loan. You can enjoy its simple and fast online application process, almost instant loan decisions, and fast funding times. As payday lenders make only a soft credit check, you can get a $400 loan even with bad credit. Thus, payday loans are fast, accessible, and convenient options.


I Need 400 Dollars by Tomorrow. What Is the Fastest Way to Get a $400 Loan?

If you need 400 dollars by tomorrow, feel free to request them online via our website. Our lenders specialize in emergency assistance and deliver money quickly, sometimes on the same day you apply.

A $400 loan with no credit check can help you solve your urgent money needs.Fill out our application form and get your money by tomorrow!Apply Online Now I read and agree to Terms, Rates, Privacy Policy before submitting a loan request.

Written by Gregory Allen

Updated on Jan 9, 2024