Kevin Wood | Expert Writer

Kevin Wood - Expert Writer of ASAP Finance

Kevin Wood is an expert writer of ASAP Finance with extensive experience in the financial industry. He has authored hundreds of articles on topics like financial literacy, loans, credit cards, and others. His articles help people manage their finances properly and avoid falling into a debt cycle.

Kevin graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor's degree in Finance and then earned a Master's degree in Financial Economics from Columbia University. During his time there, he acquired foundational knowledge that shaped his future career.

After graduating, Kevin Wood held various positions before getting a job at ASAP Finance. This experience helps Kevin write high-quality professional texts, enabling readers to get a better understanding of the industry.

Working Experience

After obtaining a Master’s degree from Columbia University, Kevin Wood changed many positions. His experience includes working at America First Credit Union, where Kevin expanded his practical knowledge about financial products. He consulted clients who wanted to apply for loans and helped them find the best options for their purposes.

Kevin Wood paid a lot of attention to the individuals’ circumstances, looking for the most suitable solutions for each situation. He applied the information he got at the university in practice and significantly deepened his knowledge in the financial industry.

After getting enough experience in that position, Kevin Wood got a job as a Loan Specialist at Valley National Bancorp, where he had many cases of working with low credit score borrowers. He tried to help all the clients qualify for loans and advised them on the issues related to their credit scores.

After years of experience in the financial industry, Kevin realized the importance of helping people obtain emergency cash. It led him to work at ASAP Finance, which shares his values and assists individuals in getting extra money.

Professional Goals within ASAP Finance

Kevin Wood started his career in the ASAP Finance team in late 2023 and has written numerous helpful articles on financial topics.

Kevin shares his knowledge of the loan industry with thousands of readers. He explains the and drawbacks of different types of loans and protects people from falling into a debt cycle.

His main professional goal is to serve people, sharing his experience and expertise with them. “Financial support must be available for everyone” is Kevin’s motto, which he regularly uses in his work.