Karoline Morgan - Communications Specialist of ASAP Finance

Karoline Morgan has been a communications specialist at ASAP Finance since June 2023. Her extensive experience in the marketing and PR areas made Karoline a perfect candidate for this position in the company.

She has outstanding communication skills, greatly understands content production, and has excellent writing and negotiating skills. Karoline got a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Pennsylvania in 2014. Then, she extended her expertise at the University of Rochester, where she obtained a Master’s degree in Marketing Analytics in 2016. After graduating, she worked at many institutions, including the Navy Federal Credit Union.

Working Experience

Karoline has more than six years of experience in the marketing and public relations areas. She can greatly organize internal and external communication of the company, provide deep research, and write high-quality press releases.

Studying at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Rochester helped Karoline Morgan get the basic knowledge of marketing and PR. Furthermore, it was an essential period in her life due to the contacts she made.

After graduating, Karoline started her career working at POLAM Federal Credit Union (2016-2018) and MidFirst Bank (2018-2020) as a public relations representative. Marketing campaigns and developing efficient communication strategies for the company is her passion, and she regularly extends her knowledge in the area.

From March 2020 to May 2023, Karoline Morgan worked at Navy Federal Credit Union as a communication specialist. During her work, Karoline organized numerous initiatives, wrote a lot of high-quality content for the company’s website and social media, and liaised with the media.

Professional Goals within the ASAP Finance

Karoline Morgan started her career at the ASAP Finance company in 2023. Since that moment, she has been an appreciated worker who has been developing the company’s brand thanks to her unique ideas. Her excellent writing and communication skills allow Karoline to write great catchy posts for the company’s social networks and build relations with other businesses and media.

Karoline is a responsible person who greatly makes her job in promoting ASAP Finance. Furthermore, she successfully organizes conferences and events within the company. Her strategic thinking is visible in all her projects, making Karoline a valuable communications specialist.

Karoline Morgan believes everyone deserves to have an opportunity to borrow emergency cash when needed. Therefore, she wants to build a strong brand of ASAP Finance, to help people make the right financial decisions and find suitable emergency loan options. She greatly contributes to the company's development, regularly creates effective communication strategies, and organizes exciting events for the team.